PATCH # 014

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This is a FULLY EMBROIDED patch with velcro backing 10 X 10 cm. The emblem is a symbol for the functionality of the Defence Helicopter Command. The emblem's round interior symbolizes global operations, both on land and above water. The left side of the emblem represents day operations, the right side represents night operations. The praying falcon is the figurehead of the helicopter units united in it. The constellation above the horizon is Chamaeleon, the chameleon. The chameleon is a symbol of the adaptability the helicopter units have shown in the past during their global deployment. This zodiac sign also refers to the past of the helicopter units; each star represents one of the former home bases (air camp / air base). These are De Kooy, Leeuwarden, Soesterberg, Deelen and Gilze-Rijen.